Why is MegaHydrate the best antioxidant?

Why is MegaHydrate the best antioxidant? The research of free radicals and the damage that they cause in living organisms are today one of the most studied themes in medicine. Free radicals are the strongest poisons in our bodies. Many diseases result from them, among other also arteriosclerosis and other cardiovascular diseases, multiple sclerosis, cancerous diseases, rheumatoid arthritis, circulatory system diseases, diabetes and others. Due to the effects of the free radicals the cells in the organism grow old too early and sometimes mutate dangerously, so it is not surprising that scientists are looking for a strongest weapon, the best antioxidant possible. And this weapon is antioxidants – substances that have the ability to neutralize free radicals. They slow down or hinder the oxidation of important cell substances, by resigning an electron to the free radicals and stabilizing them by doing so.

Vitamins are the most important natural best antioxidants and the weapon with which Mother Nature has equipped humans to fight against the harmful free radicals. Unfortunately she did not count neither on the quantity nor on the strength of the poisons that people have brought into their lives. Therefore, the vitamins that people get with food (they are often destroyed by reboiling, freezing and various remarkings) can no longer defend a modern man before harmful consequences. Because of that people reach more and more for supplements with which they try to compensate for the missing substances.

What makes the water alive?

Dr. Henri Coanda, a well known researcher and bearer of more than 600 patents, has been engaged in the secret of the living water for three decades and after long years of work he discovered what revives glacier’s water. As it has turned out, the minerals in the water contribute the most to that. These minerals are extremely small and because of that they have a huge energetic power. They are called colloids. Colloids are small hard parts of substances that do not melt in water (they do not fall apart to ions). They have special characteristics: electrons that usually circle around a separate molecule, at colloids start to circle around the whole mineral. Thus a real crush of electrons originates on its surface and by that a strong energetic charge. The smaller is the mineral, the bigger is its energetic charge.

the best antioxidant

Dr. Patric Flanagan with Dr. Henri Coanda

Into water sunken colloidal minerals start to act on the molecules of water like tiny magnets. Molecules of water arrange themselves around them in special structures, in which due to the energetic influence of the colloids the molecules of water alter. Thus the water becomes electrically charged, energized.

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Powdered living water.

Dr. Coanda has not succeeded in answering the question of how to create such water in a laboratory. He resigned his work to young genius Patrick Flanagan, who put further decades of work in the research. But when he succeeded, his living water almost in a moment became a bestseller among the supplements for healthier life. People can buy it in form of capsules, powder or droplets (Crystal Energy) and revive their water themselves. In each capsule there is nanocolloidal flint, acquired by a special procedure. In this mineral dust each hydrogen atom is altered so that it contains an extra, slightly bound electron, which the body can use for the neutralization of free radicals. According to the researches from the University of Minnesota, FHES is by far the strongest known oxidant, since with only one capsule a person gets as many anti-oxidants as if he/she drinks 10.000 glasses of fresh orange juice. Living water, says the inventor, has many other good effects on a person’s health – it helps to make the body pH alcaline, which hinders the growth of harmful microorganisms, it additionally provides oxygen to the body, it washes away poisons and improves the effect of food that one consumes.

Doctor Ron Meyers, the author of the booklet on FHES, is deeply convinced of the efficiency of the living water that he has studied also on his patients. They have noticed an improvement with many medical problems. Among them were heart problems, asthma, viral and bacterial infections, arthritis, angina pectoris, arteriosclerosis, diabetes, skin and circulation problems, depression, bad concentration, warts, food poisonings, etc.

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